September 12, 2023

Security Update: A Successful Audit by FYEO

At Bifrost Wallet, ensuring the safety of our users' assets is paramount. We are excited to share with the community that we recently partnered with FYEO, a leading web3 security firm, to conduct a comprehensive secure code review of the Bifrost Wallet.

The FYEO team's meticulous assessment yielded crucial insights, and we're pleased to highlight:

  • No issues were found that severely affect the security of the application.
  • The identified findings included findings of medium, low and informational severity.
  • All findings have been promptly and effectively rectified and confirmed by the FYEO team.

As a result of the audit we have made several improvemnents to Bifrost Wallet. Among other things we have added an anti-spam feature for dapps, further hardened our Android configuration and increased the minimum required Android and iOS versions.

Our commitment to security remains strong and we continue our efforts to uphold the highest standards in the crypto community.

Read the statement from FYEO and access the full report.

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