September 23, 2023

Flare: FTSO Delegation Rewards Breakdown

Intrinsic Network Inflation

Flare and Songbird networks incorporate inherent inflation. A segment of this inflation is allocated for FTSO rewards. Upon concluding each reward epoch, the inflation gets distributed among data providers based on their specific reward rate. While data providers receive the fee, the remaining rewards are proportionately dispersed to the delegators, considering their delegated vote power. Dive deeper into the process with our article on token wrapping and delegation.

Claiming Your Rewards

After each reward epoch, you're eligible to claim your FLR or SGB rewards. These epochs span 3.5 days on Flare and 7 days on Songbird. If you're a Bifrost Wallet user, you can either claim with the help of button click in the app, or you can activate the Bifrost Claim Bot, automatically claims your rewards for you when they are available. See these instructions for how to enable automatic claiming on Flare.

Timely Reward Collection

Be vigilant! Rewards that aren't claimed within a 90-day window will expire. To ensure you don't lose out on valuable tokens, we advise you to claim and subsequently wrap your rewards promptly. This not only safeguards your rewards but also offers a chance to compund them.

The Dynamics of the Reward Contract

Rewards are retrieved from the FTSO reward manager contract. This contract, however, has a limited token capacity. There could be instances where, due to a surge in simultaneous claims, the contract runs dry. Should this happen, stay calm. The reward contract gets a fresh infusion every 24 hours. Specifically, the refill occurs at 19:01:02 UTC for Flare and 19:13:02 UTC for Songbird. So, if you encounter an empty contract, just wait a bit - your rewards are on the way!

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